Workflow on a Return PO


How to avoid to have a workflow running on a return order? I have a workflow running on a PO but let say I need to return the stock to the vendor by copying lines from the original PO . How to do that without having the workflow running on the vendor return PO? Thanks

Use a conditional element to check the condition Purchase order. purchase type = return order.

your workflow should look like below image.3426.Workflow.JPG

HI All ,

In Ax 2012 , We cannot process further without Purchase requisition workflow ,So we need to create the purchase requisition workflow. My question how to approve the PR automatically with out any user interaction ( Like Approve or reject …) , I need to test many scenarios against the Purchase requisition.
when user click the submit button system should change the PR status to approved.

So in the workflow which condition need select for the Purchase requisition to approve automatically .

Please share the screen shot .

Use the ‘Automatic actions’ button in the workflow configuration and define your condition there as below.

Thanks for your update. I’ll try that

Thanks for your update. I’ll try that