Workflow email sending functionality?


Created workflow for leave application. need to send a mail for approal request to manager. Now i checked the status in E-mail sending status in Admin module. its in waiting. please tel me the steps how to configured and send ?

am using dynamics ax 2009.

thanks in advance.

Try to look at the following thread: Workflow Email Alert.

Yes thanks martin its working. but whenever we submit leave application. email sending status is waiting in administrator–>e-mail processing–>email sending status.

so we need to open batch form evertime and select empty batch group and click ok, after that click restart send button → email sending status means only mail will sent.

How to send automatically after submit workflow without select empty batch gropu in batch form everytime.

hope you understand what i mean to say.

Thanks in advance

It should be handled by Administration > Periodic > Email processing > Batch. Have you set it up? Didn’t you forget to set a recurrence?

yes i set it up the batch and recurrence also. each time i need to select empty batch group in batch then only mail wil sent. otherwise status is waiting only.

Maybe you don’t have any AOS configured as a batch server (or processing the empty batch group).