Workflow Email Sending Functionality

Hey Everyone,

I am trying to configure sending email notification for Workflow.

I have done every settings specified in articles over Internet.

However, I am getting alerts in AX but not email notification.

Has anyone done it successfully. Please share how to go about it.

As I am stuck in it.

Thanks & Regards,


Hi Rahul,

Please check below configurations -

  1. E-mail parameters are setup?

  2. Send notification as a email setup (under Tools- Notifications)

  3. Batch job configured?

  4. Check email sending status (Admin → Periodic → E-mail Processing status → E-mail Sending status)


Hi Ajit,

Thanks for reply.

I have done the basic configuration that you mentioned. But when I checked Email Sending Status All the emails were showing status as Failed.

Now i am not able to find out what is going wrong that the email sending is getting failed.

P.S. I am using AX 2012

Find the instance of the E-mail distributor batch in Batch job history that failed to send e-mails and press the Log button. Hopefully you’ll get some details from there. Also review event logs in Windows.

There is nothing in event logs in Windows. and in Email distributor batch job history also there are no logs.

I am not able to find trace of anything going wrong anywhere. Just the status of email shows “Failed”.

I would go and debug the batch to see where exactly it fails and hopefully to find why. Or you can write a job simulating what the batch does (it may be easier for you to debug).

That’s what I was going to say.

I have that code to send mails through sysmailer class.

It works perfectly. Only fails in batch jobs.


I found the problem.

It turned out that I didn’t assign Batch Group to the Email Template I created for Workflow.

I assigned the Batch Group I created for Emailing and emails are going easily now.

Thanks everyone for your replies. I hope this will be useful to others also.