Workflow - Assignment type field


In the workflow configuration process we have a field called Assignment type field and it has the 4 options.



workflow user


Could any one explain the above options with an example ?


Participant: Users who are assigned to a specific group or role. In this type you can assign the task to a role instead of specific user. For example, if you want to assign the task to Purchase manager role, use this type.

Hierarchy: Users in a specific organizational hierarchy. In this type:

  1. After you select Hierarchy, click the Hierarchy selection tab.
  2. In the Hierarchy type list, select the type of hierarchy to assign the task to.
  3. The system must retrieve a range of user names from the hierarchy. These names represent users who the task may be assigned to. Follow these steps to specify the starting point and ending point of the range of user names that the system retrieves:
    • To specify the starting point, select a person in the Start from list.
    • To specify the ending point, click Add condition. Then enter a condition that determines where in the hierarchy the system stops retrieving names.
  4. Click the Hierarchy options tab.
  5. Specify which users in the range the task is assigned to:
    • Assign to all users retrieved – The task is assigned to all users in the range.
    • Assign only to last user retrieved – The task is assigned only to the last user in the range.
    • Exclude users with the following condition: – The task is not assigned to any users in the range who meet a specific condition. Click Add condition to specify the condition.

For example if you want to assign the task to the next step in the hierarcy ( can be department manager) of the creator of the purchase requsition, use this type. Or you want to assign the task to the highest level manager in requester department.

Workflow user : Users in the current workflow. For example; if you want to assign the task to workflow creator, you can use this type.

User: Specific Microsoft Dynamics AX users. İf you want to assign the task to a spesific name whatever his/her position and hierarchy in the company, use this task.