Workdate need to be change.

Hi Expert,

Client is using Navision 2013, Need to change the workdate format.

We have changed the setting of regional date & time format, but still nav workdate not changed.

Please suggest how to change the WORKDATE format.


Shwteta A.

All shown dates inside NAV/BC is based upon Regional Settings ONLY - THERE IS NOT HARDCODE INSIDE NAV!

You have to do the settings on every computer used, it is not a service-tier/server-setup.

So if it still does not work ,then you have to provide a detailed step op hvad have you done… and what your exact would expect how the system to work…

Navision workdate is having value with<1/22/2019> but we want that value to be <2019/01/22> .

we have changed the Regional setting date formats <2019/01/22> and time format as 12/24hrs but still workdate format is same as <1/22/2019> its not getting changed according to system’s regional settings.

please suggest.

Hi Shwteta A.

I have question - do you want to change format for Server or Client (place where employee imput data into NAV) part?

Client part “takes setup” from the Regional Settings of the notebook where you run this Client.


I want change the date format of client part.

after changing of regional setting also it cant help to change the same date format with client part.

Next point - what is the field formatting?

I have not testet this in NAV 2013R2, NAV 2015, NAV 2017, NAV 2018, 365 BC and I have changed it from YYYY/MM/DD to DD/MM/YYY without any problems simply by setting the Regional Settings and restarting the client.

So Where is it exactly that you have this problem? It must be on a specific page(s). On the the page you encounter the problem Press CTRL+SHIFT+F1 and let us know the page number.


Thanks experts for your time and comments.

Issue has been sorted. problem is with user profile.