Workbench v1.10 under Attain??

Hi, someone knows how i can use the Workbench with Navision Attain 3.60? Worked perfekt for 2.01 but i have no chance to run it now with 3.60, i always get the message that the client is the wrong version. Is there a possiblity where i just have to replace some files, to get rid of this error message?? Thanks, Stefan

Impuls Workbench, now called “Microsoft Business Solutions’ Navision Developers Toolkit” requires a 3.10 (or earlier) database. Just create a 3.10 database, import the MBSNDTK objects, create a company, open this database in MBSNDTK and import a text file (you made) of all 3.60 objects. Then you got a 3.60 MBSNDTK Database.

Emiel, You forget that Wolfgang needs to have his license updated. When they created the Developers Toolkit they changed some of the granule ID’s. But as far as I remember this update is free if you purchased Impulls Workbench.

Emiel, in addition to the remark of Erik, there is now a new version of the toolkit (v1.03) using a 3.60 database. It is available on the Navision FTP Site. Francis

Nice, going to download it right now!

Hi all, Any chance of getting the link to the download site. I think i am being a bit short sighted!!