Work Requests - EAM

Hello all,

This is a question directly for the EAM add-on module for AX 2012. We are using the work request function and using the responsible person option to identify who is responsible for dealing with the work request.

When in table view where you can see all active/closed work requests we need to add a new column to the display. I know how to add new columns but cannot seem to find the responsible person field which will return at glance, who is responsible. Having this would make reviewing the work requests much easier.

Does anyone have any ideas?


It is not a field on the table, it is on a related table that is not part of the construction of the form (from memory) and therefore your only option to add this would be to get it customized to do this.

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately we are at too much of an advanced stage to be requesting changes but its great to know it cant be done so we don’t waste time seeing if it can!

As an alternative way round it, would it be advantageous if we created work pools for the responsible people and ensure that any work requests are assigned to their work pool? If I remember rightly you can assign to a work pool at the work request creation stage?

These people could then pull up their pool and see what has been assigned to them on a regular basis?

Thanks, Alex

Yes that sounds like an option if it works for you.

I would question why your partner is not helping you if you are at the stage close to live - there should be UAT assistance? They will have full knowledge of the decisions and processes so would and should be able to advise you!

Thank you - I shall speak with my stream lead and discuss our options :slight_smile: