Work Order Module....Plz Reply

Hello Everyone…

I just wanted to know that…is there any module of “work order” in Navision 6.0…

If anyone wants to book job work…Do we need to customize it…pls reply

Hi Kulijeet,

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You will need to give more detail of what you want. Nav has two standard areas which may meet your requirements, namely Jobs and Manufauturing ( using Production Orders)

Hey Thanks for the reply…all I wanted to know that…how can I book labour from Navision…apart from sale order…

The client want to book labour which includes TDS and PF contribution …pls tell me if you have any solution for this…

Just look at the example:–


Sports lifestyle private limited

ISO 9001:2000


Shivaji Marg, Shivaji Marg,

Moti Nagar, Moti Nagar,

Work Order No : DLFL/WO/SBMHOM/5/2009-10 Work Order Date : Mar 06 2010


215, HOUSING BOARD , Start Date 06/03/2010

SARASWATI VIHAR Completion Date 21/03/2010

Pan No AOAPS3121Q


Pin :

Dear Sir,

Sub: Work order for Labour Supply at SBM Homes, Moti Nagar,

We are happy to confirm our order with you for the under mentioned works at SBM Homes, subject to

the following terms and Conditions


1 Supply of Un-Skilled Labour (Min. wages 120.000 No 135.71 16,285.20

rate (w.e.f 01.08.2009) Rs. 152 - 12%

towards Employee’s PF Contribution. (Rs.

135.71 +12% of 135.71 = Rs. 152)

2 Overhead & Profit of Sub-Contractor @ 10% 120.000 No 15.20 1,824.00

for supply of Un-Skilled Labour (Rs. 152 x


3 Overtime charges for working beyond normal 225.000 Hrs 38.00 8,550.00

working hours - Un-Skilled labour (Rs.

152/8 x 2)

When you say “book labour apart from the sales order”, what are you wanting to “book” it too? You could use a Job, but in order charge the customer for the work done, you will have to pull the job labour quantities onto a sales order to post it to the customer.

Hi Kulijeet,

Firstly, I hope this is just an example and not someone data, giving their rates.

I still not clear what you want - create a sales order ?

Have a look at resources.