Work Order Ending Issue

I need to end a work order but i cant end it. System Says the following error message

Active job registrations or journal registrations exist on production in Manufacturing Execution

Update has been cancelled.

I go to view → Job Card and check every work journal and transfer every employee in the Job Card from the time and attendance module. But still unable to end the work order. Please help me to fix this issue.

Best Regards,
Kasun Deshapriya

check this link here you can find solution.…/187877

Thank you for the reply. But still i cant end the production order.

It seems that there are few Job registration exists which are still pending to transfer.

The pending job registration can be seen using inquiries–>registration–>journal registrion. request you to filter with production no in the reference column. Hopefully there should be some records available.

Any reason this is in the developer forum?

HI Salman

I cannot find the path you mentioned in Dynamics 365. Can you specify the full path


Kasun Deshapriya

No, I have posted in wrong Forum. Sorry for that. But I hope a reply to solve my issue. Please kindly help me to fix this issue.

Thank you

Moved to user forum and deleted your duplicate post in the user forum.

Go to Production Control>>MES>>Jobs and Activities>>Production Jobs.

From there you can view registrations. There are other places and the number of menus are small so I am not sure given Salman telling you to look at the job registration why you could not find it?