work in process stock


We have two locations Blue ,Green.
Blue is the raw material location , Green is the Production Location.
Generally we transfer the Item from locatin Blue to Location green .

Suppose I transferred Item A, ( Ramaterial) quantity 100. in the month July to location Green.

At the end of month July 50 qty is consumed .
25 qty is work in process,
25 is available in Green location.

Like above any report available in Navisiom.

Please help me.

What do you want the report to say - consumed, WIP and Available?

What is your WIP process? Have you looked at the Inventory WIP valuation report? Have you looked at the Inventory Transaction Detail report?

I would guess there will not be a report in teh format and structure you require, so you will probably have to think about how you get this information out in tandem to the processes in place.

Item ledger entry can give the stock what is available in that location, which items are consumed .

But I don’t know how to get that work in process inventory qty .

What Is way to get that quantity.

Please share your advice .

Firstly it depends upon your WIP definition and how you are processing consumption through NAV. Secondly once you understand this if there is no standard report meeting you needs you would need to ask a developer how to extract the data in teh required format.

Thanks Mr. steven,

I have two Locations A, B .

I trnasfer Raw material X , qty = 100 from A to B on 07/01/08.

. Already they have the stock 50. so total Blocaiton has 150 stock.

Production order raised in Location B.

Production order qty = 100. on 07/01/08.

At the end of the month 07/31/08 I want to know that report how much rawmaterial is consumed Inlocation B,

what is quantity of rawmateril is in work in proces in Location B.

WIP means the rawmateial is in processing to make the finished item against that production order.

what is the Physical Quantiy available in Location B.

I wnat the report like this ?

so is there any scope in navision to get that report?

Hi Reema,

Yes it is possible using the item ledger entry table and looking up the production order table. You will have to assign the location on the production order to maintain the link for the WIP calculation.