Work - In - process qty report

Hello Guru’s ,

i am learning Axapta . i am getting some doubts so please let me know.

is it possible to get the Work - In - process qty report in Axapta ?

is yes , can i know the path my dear experts ? .

PS : work - in - process report is not possible in Navision , but we can get WIP valuation report in Navision( i know how work in process valauation report shows the values)

Well it depends upon what you consider WIP and how it is processd through the system. So what is WIP?

If you look at the inventory value you will see some of the columns here actually refer to WIP (but other elements are combined).

So you have inventory that can be picked at start, manual or finish, but until the pick list is posted the value is not in WIP, and therefore it has been consumed, so there is no WIP quantity, the inventory is consumed, but prior to this you would see an indication of WIP, so again it comes back down to definitions.

Production - Reports - Balance would also be a good place to look. Raw materials in process gives you a quantity of the item where a picking list has been posted.