Work Date not updating - always 1 day behind.

Hi All,

I have a customer who are experiencing this odd problem, before logging with MS I thought I would see if anyone here has had this issue previously.

This issue started happening after a recent build update to Version 6.00.34188 (NAV 2009.)

The regional/date/time settings are correct on all clients and servers related to the issue. However in the morning, each day they are having to manually update the Work Date as is not updating at midnight.

Any ideas what it may be or what else I can check?

I have found this article, but it relates to NAV 2013, and is slightly different as it involves job queue.


Are you relating to user setup table ? Or Workdate of Navision .

I am talking about the Work date in Navision. Not the User Setup Table,this has nothing to do with Posting Dates or anything, it is simply that the Work Date of NAV is not updating automatically, so each morning is still showing the previous day and has to be changed to the current day. [:)]

Check the application codeunit… Is Anybody done some customization ?

Hi Amol,

Thank you for coming back to me.

I have checked the codeunit, there is no customization. It is as standard.

The work date does not automatically update like you are saying. It sounds to me like they leave their NAV session open overnight. Restarting the NAV client should take care of that. If it’s not absolutely necessary to leave the session open, I’d think about putting in place logic that automatically logs people out after a certain idle time.

Hi DenSter,

This is actually uncanny - I made the mistake of assuming they logged off every night - NEVER assume!!

I spoke to them a couple of hours ago and found they have not been logging off at night. I have asked them to all log off and shut down NAV tonight and see if all is ok on Monday. I am sure it will be.

Assumption has proved my undoing on this issue I think :0)

Don’t be too hard on yourself :slight_smile: even if you had known about that you’d still have wondered about whether the workdate gets updated. Glad to hear you got to the bottom of the issue.