Work Date Changes Automatically

Hi , we are facing the problem of “work date” which changes automatically and increments to some new date. ex : i have installed the navision SQL server option and started using it and when ever i use to press W its displaying current work date. however this workdate has been set to today ( say 3 feb 2005)… when i close the application and run again or after sometime when i execute any sessions, at that time the work date consists of 01/01/11… this leads to lot of confusion and also errorneous entries as users at this client site are used to enter “W” . pls suggest how to over come this.

Has the database been customized? Some changes in Codeunit 1, perhaps?

The database has been customized but nothing has been modified in codeunit 1 ( appln mgmt). how to check up codeunit 1 if at all any changes been done… thanks for the reply.

Compare the Codeunit 1 object in your database to the one in the standard CRONUS database (the one from where all application objects where taken from initially).

I have never heard of WORKDATE changing automatically. My guess is that in some object (report, form, …) a code-line says WORKDATE := . If so a code-line stating WORKDATE := 0D has to be written at the end of the object. And then we hope that the object does not raise an error…