Hi ALL ,

I want to create a PO with some service tax on the item and some TDS . the problem i am facing in here is after calculating the tax , The origin amount for the withholding tax is always the gross amount i.e “line amount+the service tax” . i tried to change it from the formula designer but there is only the option for gross amount in it . i also tried to change the adjusted origin amount in the temporary withholding tax but that doesnt help as well . i want to apply the tds only on the line amount and the service tax should also be calculated .

please help !!!

Hi Ezam,

I’m sure this is urgent and that you are a rather new member of the user group. I’m not going to help answer your question (as I don’t know the answer as it is AX not NAV), but I am going to tell you that it DOES NOT HELP you to get a quicker answer to SHOUT up your question, and that’s what you’re doing when you write with UPPERCASE! [:)]

You and all other members should always read the guide how to ask a question on DUG.

hmmmm my bad sir . will keep that in mind now :slight_smile: