With out accounting period , I can post


I am working on Nav 4.0 Sp3.

I did not create the accounting period for the year 2011.

But when I try to post the sales order , purchase order with that year 2011.

System is posting that transactions with out any message.

I think system is doing wrong .

Please let me know

Nothing wrong here.

Accounting Periods in NAV is somewhat rather embrional - mostly for reporting purposes only, and based on Posting Dates anyway. (You define start/end dates for Periods, and that’s all)

For full-blown AP system there should be a AP field in GL entries, and no direct link between Posting Date and Accounting Period.

added/ Then you could have, for example, 12 months, Year Closing Period where all closing transactions goes (NAV solves this by means of closing dates like C31/12/2008) and Audit Period, where auditor’s corrections are posted… /added

If you want to avoid postings in past / future, set Allowed posting From & To dates in GL Setup.

Nothing is wrong, you can post without an existing account period. Only filter experessions like p1…12 or Y won’t work as usual, the end date is then 31.12.9999

If you want to prevent posting into false periods, use either “Allow Posting From”/“Allow Posting To” in the General Ledger Setup or in the User Setup ( overrides the G/L Setup).

Hi Hansika,

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