windows event log


I need to know if i can change the error message that sent from NAS to windows event log

What problem(s) are you finding with NAS?

Telm me more - I may be able to help.

Any error that is raised in NAS will go to the event log. It would be the same error message you would get in a client session. Most of those error messages can be modified, you’ll have to program the way you want them.

I created codeunit with overflow error to see the message in windows event log

the message in NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Overflow under type conversion of Text to Text.

Value: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


and the message in windows event log

Bad service request

We face different message so how can i know the error in NAS from this message…

Hi Abo,

Do you have any entries at all in event log regarding NAS, that you can read?
When NAS is started, there is an entry telling wich server/database/company it logged on to.
Do you have that one?

It sounds to me like the fault lies outside NAV, perhaps in the Windows-installation.
Or maybe you have a security-issue here.
Maybe the user-account used for NAS doesn’t have proper rights to write to the event log.
(Even though i thought SYSTEM did that, regardless of the user)

Like Daniel said, the entry in event log should be the same as you see in the client.


Thanks for advices

Was there a solution in the end? Permissions, setup? Could we get the information? [*-)]

Have you ever seen a message in the event log that says something like “NAV Application Server started successfully”, including a list of the parameters? If you haven’t then you will need to properly set up NAS first. Take a look at a document called w1w1ATAS.pdf, in the Doc folder of your product CD, this is the installation manual for NAS, and shows you what to do to set it up correctly.

When NAS is started i saw the information in windows event log for server name,database name, company name and parameter
so i do not have any problem in set up
but i think like Alexander said the problem maybe from windows or security

Anyways , Thank you again