Windows authentication vs NAVUserpassword

Hi all,

We are using NAV 2016.

Is there any performance difference with respect to using windows authentication vs NavUserpassword.

We have noticed that users on domain have faster response from NAV compared to user on RDP.

Is there anyway to check this difference?

Using Windows authentication is much faster and easier, user does not have to remember any password, once user logs into Windows they have their apps at one place. Even when you print from NAV I have noticed that having windows login has less issues than having NAV password setup. I am not sure why NAV does not take away the NAV password option because its nothing but confusion and total waste.

In a proiduction environment, of course windows log in make sense, but in development, UAT and test environments, there are many cases where Database Logins are very useful. So removing them would be quite detrimental.

Thanks for the information, but what I am looking for is faster performance.

Is there a way to measure if NAV works faster being on a domain(windows authentication) vs using navuserpassword.?

Also, windows authentication would require all user machines to upgrade to windows 10 PRO(right now on windows 10 home) vs using SSL certifcate for NAVuserpassword option. meaning a few thousand dollars vs a few hundred.

what do you suggest?

Have you tested your Domain Controller? If this is not responding in a timely matter, then that’s where you have your issue.

But that should only be to authenticate log in. Once logged in there should not be any difference.

A possible difference might be that they are comparing two different users with different security setup. One might for example have record level security.

Hi Erik, David

thanks for your responses. We do not have any issues with login - having said that - what does you mean test the domain controller , can I please request you to elaborate?

Our main issue right now is we use remote desktop using windows login( as our users are not in the domain on the local machine - windows 10 home doesnt support it). Does that make NAV slow?

So my idea was to either install NAV on local machines (upgrading to windows 10 pro) or even better use NAVUserpassword credentials as this option is cheaper(just need to get a SSL certificate)

Please advice.