Windows 2003 server

Hello to everybody. Now I know that Axapta have some problems with Widows 2003 enterprise edition and Sql Server 2000 with sp3. Axapta with 3-tier configuration works abnormaly slow. I tried with Win 2000 and sql 2000 with no service packs, and it works perfectly well. Does anybody know what is the problem with WIN 2003- SQL 2000 configuration? Best regards. Dusan

Hi Dusan, Try to upgrade to SQL Server 2K SP3A. For Win 2003 systems, SQL Server 2K SP3A is mandatory. But before that please check for compataibility between Axapta and SQL Server 2K SP3A. For ex - if you are using Axapta 3.0 SP2, I think it is not compatible with SQL Server 2K SP3A (Pl correct me if I am wrong!). Good luck, Harish Mohanbabu

Yes, there is one of possible solutions…but I read somewhere on Internet that if you have SQL 2K with sp3 on it, it is not recomended that you install the sp3a over it. It say…you can try, but it is not our responsibilty…So, to be or not to be…there is the question now! Does anybody done that ?

Hi, AFAIK, there is no official confirmation from MS about compatibility between Axapta and Windows 2003. I suggested trying SQL Server 2000 SP3A mainly because - MS suggests all installations with SQL Server 2000 SP3 to upgrade to SQL Server 2000 SP3A. If you look at the database compatibility sheet in Axapta Technet website (under Resources), it says the main reason as -


Note, SQL Server 2000 SP3 is NOT supported by Axapta and should NOT be used as the fixes within the service pack slows down the Microsoft Axapta Performance, especially on the Axapta Object Server.

As far as my earlier response (the first part), I read that from a discussion in Axapta Technet website. Unfortunately I do not remember the discussion thread (: Regards, Harish Mohanbabu

Hi Never ever use SQL SP3!!! The SP3 introduced a new feature to ODBC concerning variable block size and there they made a mistake so that the memory is not freed. As Axapta uses ODBC to connect to SQL, Axapta is heavily affected by this error. Axapta will sloooooooooooow down. So, always take the SP3A (where this error was corrected).

Thanks a lot. I realized that sp3 kills the speed ! Welcome sp3A. Is it better just to do the installation over sp3, or I must use the hardest way[?]

Hi, Since SP3A only modifies setup, client components and Net libraries and not database engine, you should be able to upgrade the existing SQL Server installation with SP3A. To read more on this, do please read KB Article 306908. Once you install SP3A, if you want to find out whether the installation was successful, please check the version of ssnetlib.dll (I don’t have SQL Server in front of me. But you should be able to find this in MSSQL\Binn directory). For SP3A installations, this file would have version 2000.80.766.0. For SP3 installations, the version would be 2000.80.760.0. Best regards, Harish Mohanbabu

Thanks. You are very kind. I will try that, and as soon as possible, I’ll write what happend. Best regards. Dusan Brdar