Window.OPEN('Processing...'+'@1@@@@@@@@@@@@@'),what does '@' sign here mean?

anyone can tell me? what is the concept behind this?
‘Processing …’ +

Thanks a lot.

Did you read this C/SIDE help topic already? How to: Create a Progress Window

hi,Luc,your tip is really useful. it helps me understand how to create a progress window,with "#"sign(which displays the field being updated ). however,it doesn’t tell what it means with "@"sign. can you further give me more guidance? because i can’t google it thank you.

as i have googled just now,

it tells me that The “@” sign signifies that you want to use progress bar indicator. but i still feel confused. is it right if i understand this way: the number of "@"sign indicates the length of the indicator bar.?

Hi Edward

Windows are used to show whic record is durrently processing;

Just post a purchase/Saels order while posting a small window will be open.

In that window you can seen some the time of coding the length of that fields will be defind as ## or @@.

Lets take Processing…’+@@@@@’ as example here @@ symbol is pointing Size of the processing field in that window.


Jerome Marshal.J1832.Window.bmp (1.27 MB)

Thank you very much. i think i figure it out now. Thank you both.