Window File Database Information

When I click on File - Database - Information Navision show the window top on the left and I can’t see it. Only right down corner is visible. Someone tell me why? And how can I solve it? Thanks

Why ??? Solution : Delete the file FIN.ZUP in the directory of the client Side-Effect : you loose ALL user properties

if your client language is English, try the following: 1. Open the Database-Information form. 2. Hit Alt+F (for File Menu) 3. Hit left cursor button (to activate Form menu of Database-Information form) 4. Hit Alt+Shortcut for “Move” (don’t know, is it M?!?, it’s the second menu entry from top). 5. The cursor should be a cross of arrows now. 6. Move the form with the cursor keys until you can see the whole form again. Other possibility is to delete your fin.zup-file, but then all your client-specific form changes (width of fields etc.) will be lost.