Win2000 or Financials Error?

I Have a machine that is a Win2000 Server setup as a stand alone server in a Windows NT4 Domain. It has SP1 installed, and MS SQL Server 2000 installed (but stopped for now). The following error appears in the Windows 2000 server Application event viewer: Catagory: None, Type: Warning, Event ID: 109 The system failed to retrieve the object from Active Directory. The system returned the following error: Unspecified error Please contact your system administrator or Vendor for support An additional message also apears with no Catagory or Type and an Event ID=109 The message is “The system failed to update Navision Financials Service Connection Point in Active Directory. The registry entry does not exist” Note: Active Directory is not running. Any Ideas where to go next with this? Darren Bezzant Development Specialist CSB Systems 1560 - 333 11th Avenue SW Calgary, Alberta T2R 1L9 Tel: (403) 233-2955 Fax: (403) 233-2957

Hello Darren. The message is just a warning and can be ignored.