Wikipedia Navision article

Hi All,

I am a bit of a wikipedia addict.

But I’ve noticed that the Wikipedia-Navision article is a bit bland and not that informative.

NOTE :- This is not an excuse to go and modify the page to show links to your Company or Product. That will violate Wikipedia rules! DO NOT DO IT! It will just be removed by the Admins!

I thought maybe we could all group together, produce a better article and post it.

Kinda of looking for a community response to this, so to start discussions I thought we could break the article down into the following headings :-

Brief - Overview

History - From the original line based system to the new 4.03. Including Navision A/S, Daamgard, MS buy out, etc…

Product Overview - What it does. And a little blurb about each area GL, PP, SR, Inv, Manf.

Vision - Where the product is going, what Microsoft’s vision is…

Internals - Application Side: Filtering, Flowfields etc… Backend: SQL/Native, Development environment

Exposure - MS Regions, Number of users, Number of installations, possibly a map showing a breakdown around the world of number of users/Installations.

Known Personal - Known persons within the market place - The one I can think of off hand is Yash. But this could be a place for MVP’s as well.

Awards - Awards Navision has won.

What do people think? I don’t want this to be one persons view. Plus I probably don’t have all the facts myself to produce it.

I also don’t want this to be just, as we are part of a larger community so users should also have their input.

I just think this is an opportunity to show pride in the business we al operate in, and Wikipedia is exposure to everyone not just IT/Developers/End Users.

Comments please



I took a look at the article a year or so ago, and have been looking at it every month or two thinking about editing it, but why? Anyone that Googles will find these forums anyway, and will get proper infomation about Dynamics NAV, rather than an articel that looks like Navision is some kind of mapping software. Also if they seem to think that dynamics users, NOLUG and mibuso are spam, then I really don’t think they have a clue.

Go for it and put up what you want.