why I can't connect to SQL server

i have use the PING command to make sure that the network connection between sqlserver and workstation works well.i try to logon to navision SQL server from a workstation, but i failed.There is always a message “can’t find the database”. Any help is welcome.Thanks in andvance! Database server Current Configuration: navision 3.01 sql server 2000 win 2000 server I hava try the ways to solve the boring problem, but it did’t work: 1.install navision again 2.delete the zup file 3.reinstall the network adapters 4.re-configure the network configuration

Do you have the latest service pack for SQL 2000. have to copied xp_ndo.dll in the bin sql server folder

No. But I wonder how xp_ndo.dll effect the database performance. Now I can’t install the service pack on the sql server at will, for our ERP system is run all the days.

If it is the database that cannot be found then you are successfully connecting to SQL Server. Do not need to investigate network cards etc. What is the exact message you get please?