why cann't I change my global dimensions

Dear all,

I have few querries regarding dimensions

  1. I have selected Two global dimensions. But I did mistake in selecting them. Now , I want to change them, but Navision is not allowing me to change it

Why it is so.

  1. Why the first two shortcut dimensions are same as global dimensions, what is the motive behind this.

  2. As far as I came to know, that the difference between global and shortcut dimesions are as follows

Global dimensions are static and most frequently used dimesions of a co. like department,project

shortcut dimensions are not static, they can be changed whenever needed

can anybody specify any other differences

Do you get any error/s when attempting to make the change? Please read the dimensions section on the Online help first to have a clearer understanding…

You G/L Setup if you select Functions → Change Global Dimensions you should change it,

If you had choosen the dimensions by mistake and you posted a document, then it IS like it IS. (Someone with a developer license can modify the entries in the protected tables for you). The reason you cannot change is the the data would not be consistent anymore. If you just “modify” in the item ledger entries and not on the posted invoice lines and all other related entries, you have inconsistent data.

That is quite historic. In ancient times there were only 2 dimensions; they were called department code and project code.To keep this logic, they “renamed” department and project code to global dimension 1&2 and added 6 more. Now it is easier to have dimensions (shortcut) directly on header and lines. AND you can add as many dimensions as you want (dynamic).

However, you can “change” the first two shortcut dimensions in the setup if you need to.

Dear all,

Now I changed the global dimensions. But to my surprise, it requires developer licence only( in user licence it is showing you dont have permission to read “some” table".).

Secondly, It is not possible to change , first two shortcut dimensions, I tried it but in vain. I can change only Global dimensions, and these two global dimesnsions are automatically , inserted into two first shortcut dimensions.

I want to know , that when I changed my Global dimensions values, what will happen with the already posted documents with older global dimensions

Will, these posted documents(with older global dimensions) get changed with new global dimensions or not.

Global Dim1 and Shortcut Dim 1 are just different NAMES for the SAME thing, also true for the pair GD2 & SD2.

Posted transactions will keep their dimension values.

The only difference with the first 2 Dims is, that these are stored directly in many tables (for example, G/L Entries), but ALL af them are stored in special table(s) (Some) Dimension Value, that allows unlimited number of Dimensions.