who is owner of BOM / Formula ?

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Just want to update my knowledge regarding who is actual owner of BOM / Formula.

Does Production consultant responsible or Trade & Logistics consultant responsible for preparing temples and data import of BOM/Formula.

who suppose to take ownership of BOM/Formula ?

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In my opinion BOM should be in the control of Design and Production Planning Control. Since these are the origin departments for products manufactured in the company.


Microsoft has given Formula/BOM in T&L white papers and this field comes under Inventory Management .

As per my view this work suppose to complete by T&L consultant .

Friends , Correct me if I am wrong .

It depends business to business. Production will have to know it, finance will input because of costs and trade will input because it is associated with the item. I would say production first and foremost, but T&L is there as well. “Supposed” is not really a word I would use, it would depend upon the implementation sessions and who has skills where and what the customer wants - no point in discussing BOM’s in T&L if production own them.

Thanks Adam ,

Till now this work was doing by T&L only in previous JOB but now in my current company this suppose to complete by Production .