While importing FOB in NAV Classic without SP1, compiler error is displayed.

1)Install NAV Classic connector msi.
2)Update the fin license and import the FOB file from Object Designer.

Expected result - The fob file should be imported successfully and no error shoul be shown.
Actual result - An error message is displayed saying " The compiler found 1 error while import or restore."

note : No compiler error found on Developer Box , throws compiler error on the QTesting Environment

I have had issues with the way NAV Classic was installed. My vendor would send me new objects and I would have compile issues as you described. In order to understand which object failed to compile, I go to Object Designer, All - Select all and run Compile. I then look at View → Marked Only. I also reinstalled the Classic Client and selected Outlook Integration (so that I could eliminate issues that were related to the fact that I had not installed this).

Good luck. Sue

Thanks Miller ,

i exported the objects (compiled) & unchecked the compile as in Nav 2009 it’s import + compile … & in Nav 2009 SP1 only import