Which Navision Tables to Import Sales&Use Taxes

I have State/Province, County, City and Local tax data for all of the U.S. and Canada. Please help me detirmine into which Navision table(s) and columns I should import this data. I am having great difficulty detirmining this myself. The data I have resides in one table and containes the following types of data: ---------------- [GeoCode]: a ten character code identifying a State/Province, County, City or Locality [Jurisdiction]: a one charcter code detirmining whether the tax is a State, County, City or Locale tax [State]: state abbreeviation [County]: county name [City]: city name [LocalDesc]: locality name [SalesTax]: sales tax percent (decimal) [UseTax]: use tax percent (decimal) [EffDate]: tax effective date [LocationFilingCode]: [Admin]: a one charcter code detirmining the State, County or City Authority Administering Taxes

ok Let me try to explain the schema A customer is assinged a tax area code. Tax Area has many lines (Tax are lines) On tax lines you select tax jourisdiction code. Tax joursdiction has tax detail which consists of combination of tax jourisdictino and tax product group code. So I’m making assumption based on your file that GeoCode represend many Jourisdictions. I would Set Tax Area Code = GeoCode. Create one tax area line for every jourisdiction, as well creae one record in Tax jourisdiction table, and one record in tax detail. I’m making another assumption that your items will have one rate. So when you are inserting your tax detail, your tax product group shoudl set to TAXABLE. Also the rate goes into tax detail table, as well as the effdate and usetax. So in conclusion. There are four tables involved Tax area, tax are line, tax jourisdiction, and tax detail. they are all one after another in object designer.

Thank you. That helps significantly. I have another question for which I am creating a new post. This concerns which Navision DLL/object and method to use for the purpose of writing to a Navision table regardless of database platform as well as which Navision DLL/object and method to use to read from a source SQL Server table or text file.

The data resides on sql server with companyname$table name. So you can use any program and SQL Server Native ODBC Driver to connect SQL and do your reading. You can use it as well to write to SQL tables. But you cannot run navision Bussiness Logic. In order to do that you can use NAS. If you are going to feed the tax data then there isn’t any logic expect the table relatioship which is easy figure out. But for creating a Sales order or Purchase order I would suggest NAS (Navision Application Server)