Which CodeUnit [integration event] can influence the Sales Price choice?

does anyone know which codeunit does influence the choice of the sales price? I want to add little changes to that process - that if a specific price for one customer is available that price will be chosen - now if the customer is inside a customer price group it will always take the lower price from that group…


The codeunit that controls the selection of sales prices is Codeunit 7000 - Sales-Post. However, the logic for choosing prices is not contained within a single codeunit or function. The determination of sales prices is influenced by several factors, including customer pricing groups, item pricing groups, and special prices.

To add your own logic for choosing prices based on a specific customer, you may need to modify existing code in Codeunit 7000 or create a new function/codeunit that can be called when determining sales prices. You should consult with your developer or partner to ensure that any modifications to the codebase are done correctly and do not cause unintended consequences.