Where to write data upgrade for ax 2009 to ax 2012 r3 data upgrade?

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  1. I completed upto AOD code upgade checklist process in target environment (AX 2012R3)
  2. I Completed upto preprocess data on live system upgrade check list process in Source environment (AX 2009)

I am confused where to write data upgrade data scripts whether source or target environment?

Write scripts in Target environment.

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Where (In which class) should I need to write my scipts for AX 2009 to AX 2012 R3 Upgrade(ReleaseUpdateDB41_*** or ReleaseUpdateDB60_**** classes )?

There will be scripts running on both target and source. Where to write depends on the need? It seems you have not yet completed the single user mode scripts on source?

Here is a white paper on writing upgrade scripts


Thanks for the reply Kranthi.

Is this right time to write data upgrade scripts(AX 2012 R3) on target or before that i need to complete the Single user mode scripts on source (AX 2009)?

Can you please order by steps among these(Data Upgrade Scripts on target or single user mode scripts on source )

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