Where to find Item's Put-away UOM

Hi All,

There is an Item in the BC with two “Items Unit of Measure” and one happened to be stored as Blank Code.

When I tried to delete it, it gives me an error saying “You cannot Modify UOM for the item because it is the Item’s Put-away Unit of Measure”


Then I checked Warehouse fasttab and found that this is blank.


I couldn’t find anywhere which stores Item’s Put-away UOM.

Has anyone seen this error before?

Thanks Heaps.

Look at the item card


Have you posted entries already with BLANK? If yes, you cannot delete the BLANK UOM. You should create another Item and Negative and Positive the Inventory from the bad Item to the Good UOM Item.



Hei Steve,

Thanks, there were no entries with Blank. There were some quantities in Bins. Next day when I tried to delete this UOM again. It was successful. That is very odd though because of the errors which I got the day before…

Now I’m not sure how the issue got fixed…

Thanks for the response.