Where is my Dynamics NAV icon in Citrix?

I’m currently installing Dynamics NAV 5.0 SP1 as a published application on Citrix. But I cannot get it to show the Dynamics NAV icon.

Also when I try to browse for the Icon in Citrix it doesn’t show up the Dynamics NAV icon, only “the other” icon’s, like those used in Dynamics NAV.

What am I doing wrong? (I’m a Citrix novice!)

Did you ever get this solved?

Not really. But reinstalled a few times and then we were able to copy the icon - in someway that I cannot explain again… But thanks for asking…

I found it no problems.

Go to the desktop short cut properties, select CHANGE ICON, browse to find FIN.EXE and in there I see the standard icon.

Yes and that’s how I’ve done it many times before! But this time we couldn’t get any NAV icon from FIN.EXE (of FINSQL.EXE or any of the other files)… That’s the whole mystery!

maybe its a specific version of fin.exe that has them missing. Did you try a different fin.exe, say 4.00. You should be able to just copy the exe onto the computer, no need to install or anything.

The thing is though that I have had so many bizzare things happen on TS and Citrix, that I do believe it could happen.

As far as I remember then we came down to the fact that we somehow where refering to the exe-file on the Citrix named machine instead of from an exe file directly on the same machine as the Citrix Management Console.

That makes sense. would recommend just copying the fin.exe to the remote computer and using the icon locally. It could be somethign as simple as a VPN issue blocking direct access to EXE, or may be the port used.

I jut got exactly the same issue.

Oddly it does not even show any normal Nav icons or the old financials one, just the devloper type icons. We have 4.00 on the same machine and that works fine. If we point to the 4.00 exe file it doesn’t even find the 4.00 icons.