Where does the info flow during Posting ?

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thx a lot for the posts …i’ve managed to solve the issue Stick out tongue… The current issue however is that i wanna know that what all things( Meaning where does the information flow when i post & choose Receive ?) get hit during a Purchase Order posting in these scenarios : (a) Receive (b) Invoice & (c) Receive & Invoice .

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Hi Navitech,

The very first thing that happens when you call the Post is it run the CU-91. This determines your selection, and based on your selection (I am telling in much more broader sense) it runs the CU-90, this is the main posting routine responsible for purchase. This codeunits then fetches the data what is present in the Purchase order (table purchase head and purchase line) and then verfies the same with the various master setups and then starts posting data into various ledger tables such as Posted Purchase receipts.

You can however use a code coverage to see the various codes that are being executed during the posting routine.

All of them go into codeunit 90:“Purch.-Post” (through codeunit 91:“Purch.-Post (Yes/No)” or 92:“Purch.-Post + Print”).

In this Navision checks what you chose (a), (b) or (c).

This codeunit then creates the receipt (a)+(c), the invoice (b),(c).

This codeunit then calls

-codeunit 22:“Item Jnl.-Post Line” for each line with items to receive (a)+(c) and maybe also for (b) if it is an invoice without receipt.

-codeunit 12:“Gen. Jnl.-Post Line” for each line with G/L Account and for creating the vendor ledger entry (b)+(c).

-codeunit 5632:“FA Jnl.-Post Line” for each line with fixed asset.

In short : posting a T38:“Purchase Header”-record always passes codeunit 90. This codeunit calls a lot of other codeunits for doing something.

To have some better idea:use the code coverage to have some idea where it passes. Or the debugger to follow it all.

Hi Nav Gurus…

Thx a lot for the enlightening responses … I really thx from my heart … I myself was studying CU 90 just now & the thing Kriki has mentioned is there … I need a lot of R & D here … But i appreciate the way u ppl help us beginners … Salute to all Gurus !!! [Y]

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