Where does Navision store the caption strings for foreign languages?


I have two diferent Nav Instalations: Nav 5.0 in spanish and Nav 2009 in frech.

Our headquarters are in Spain, and I want to execute both in the same computer and using spanish language.

Ok, I found how to install both clients (classic) and store both fin.zup in order to have to independent installations in my computer. Now I have to translate the french database into spanish and I’m in trouble with it.

My Nav partnert send me the translation module and documentation, but when I import the language module, I get some errors. I did it without problems for menuitems and forms, but when I import the module into tables, I found the following error: “Could not load the selected type library”

I sent it to my Nav partner, and they sent it to MS, but I have not response and need to work with it :frowning:

Then, I tried to found where in the DB are the foreign caption stored. I’m comparing two DBs, the original one and this I imported the language module. I don’t find the texts anywhere.

Any help will be useful. TIA.


For every “Contraol”, the value will be stored in “CaptionML”

and for “Text Constants” in “ConstValueML”

This also applies for:

  • every object (i.e. Table, Form, …)
  • every field
  • every OptionString that belongs to a field of type Option

agreed sir [Y]

Thanks mohana and Luc

But, does that it mean that it’s somewhere in the database and I can update them from my spanish version of the database using the object’s id to join them?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I hope you are importing language module from (Open Object designer) Tools–>Langauge Module–>Import…

Yes, as I said in my first message, I’m importing the spanish language module into my french DB, and I’m getting this error when translating tables: “Could not load the selected type library”. So, ¿what can I do?

Yes, it is somewhere in the database. I cross checked using W1 version. I do not have a localized version thus I am not able to check that. To get an idea; have you tried this quick check; exporting as text the same object number from the two databases and comparing them? Will this possibly give you the lead that you need?



It looks like the object is getting compiled while importing the language module into it.

I would try to compile all the tables to see which table gives you that error.

And then do not select this table in the object designer when you import the translation.

Import the translation for this table later when the error is fixed.

Thanks, Thomas!!!

I compiled all the tables and had an error result on one of them and a warning in another one. I excluded them when importing the language module and voila!!! Perfect :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, I’m going to compile all the objects and try again.

Thanks, Abiola. I used Red Gate’s Data Compare utility to compare the DB with a restauration from the original state, and didn’t find anything, but I’ll try this way too :slight_smile: