Where do I get to see the deleted objects in AX 2009


I want to know the objects deleted by microsoft from V3 to AX 2009. There are several objects are deleted by Microsoft and I want to know eqvivalent objects. Is there any place I can see all the list of V3 objects deleted in AX 2009 and given alternatives in AX 2009.


Ambanna Yatnal

The deleted objects are prefixed with “DEL” you can see them in AOT…



Ya thats correct, but I cant use those DEL_* objects in my code right?

I need alternatives for the followings,

1.SysActionList class

2.SysActionId base enum

  1. GatewayDocSetup table

  2. numberOfOriginalsAndCopies from SalesTable

These things are not available in AX 2009


Ambanna Yatnal

When the version are upgraded some of the old functionalities may be replaced with new or new functionalities will be deleted…

These deleted objects are maintained becuase…

to avoid inconsistency when database upgradation is happenned …



Hi Ambanna,

The objects and tables prefixed with DEL_ are exclusively used by Dynamics Ax 2009 data upgrade engine. These objects are controlled by following configuration keys -

  • SysDeletedObjects40 (Keep update objects 4.0) and
  • SysDeletedObjects41 (Keep update objects 4.1)

These are essentially obsolete objects which will be deleted in the next version by Microsoft and they are provided to facilitate import and upgrade data from older versions of MS Dynamics Ax.

Additionally I have also seen some cases where these configuration keys are switched off.

Regarding your question of where you can see these objects, you can see them in AOT.

Regarding your other question of equivalent functionalities, I can’t think of an easy way other than investigating the code. An experienced developer should be able to help you with these tasks.

Hope this helps,

I’m doing AX code and data upgredation, for this purpose only I need to know what is new functionalities of previously mentioned objects available in AX 2009. Please tell me the solution if you know.


Ambanna Yatnal

The solution is to get an experienced developer to investigate the code as stated.

which is the equivalent table in AX 2009 for SalesPickingListJournalTable and CustPickingListJour tables


Ambanna Yatnal