Where did all my blog posts go?

Hello! I just came to create a new blog post, and found out that I needed to create my account again. It seems that somehow my account is not the same as it used to be, and all my posts have vanished.
Maybe that is because I am not sure if I had an e-mail account in my old account. How can I connect my new account and find out my old blog posts?

Hey Urpo,

Thanks for reaching out. These are valid questions and both things that have been asked in the last week. I’m going to be making some sort of FAQ or video better explaining the changes, but here’s the answers:

  1. The account should be the same. We switched from Telligent’s authorization approach, which kept all the user login information locally, to Azure Active Directory. Since there was no practical way to migrate users and passwords over, we decided to start fresh with AAD. This means that all users, even existing ones, will need to “Sign up” again. In reality, this is just signing up to AAD and creating your profile there; your existing profile and account were migrated with the rest of Telligent. The act of creating the account should link these two things together. If they don’t use Incognito when you sign-up.
  2. As for the blogs, they were not migrated. Discourse, the platform we’re now on, doesn’t support hosting blogs. In the future, we’ll have a separate blog platform, likely hosted on Wordpress, but we’re not there yet. This has obviously caused some inconvenience with the people that had blogs hosted at dynamicsuser.net. In the meantime, I’ve been able to extract some of the blog information on a per-user basis and provide it if you’d like to host your blog on your own until we come up with a more permanent solution.

Thank you jacob for quick response. Can you please provide me the blog posts? Hopefully I can extract them to somewhere where I can keep blogging…
Best regards, urpo