Where are the Shortcuts saved in Navision 4.00??

Hello, do anyone know where Navision 4.0 saves the information about the shortcuts of an user?? If I login from another client the shortcuts are still available, so from my point of view, they aren’t saved on local client, i.e. in zup-file. So I searched for a table (including the system tables) which sounds like a table for the shortcuts. But I couldn’t find a matching table. In another thread was written, that the information I search is saved in the table ‘user menue level’, but I didn’t find any entries which refer to the shortcuts. Has anyone an idea?? Rgds, Chris

They are indeed stored in ‘User Menu Level’ table (2000000061) in field ‘Object’, for the user ID keyed on field ‘ID’ and ‘ID Type’, where the ‘Level’ field = ‘User Changes’ (as opposed to User Restrictions). The content of the Shortcuts menu is represented in the same format as Menusuite objects stored in the Object table; i.e. it is just a Blob. You can’t interpret or modify it (in an easy way) but you can delete the record for a particular user to empty his Shortcuts menu, or copy a record from user to another to copy the Shortcuts menu.

Hi Robert, that was it! ! Thanks a lot ! !

Good one Robert So does that mean we can dynamically change menus at run time by modifying the user menu level table!!!. Paul Baxter

Only in the limited way I outlined and not for the Menusuite menus, only the Shortcuts menu (and also the User Restrictions entry which is used when assigning menus to users). The table is not intended for customization, but it is just a table, so…

I’ve taken a look at the User Menu Level table and scripted an existing user’s setup and then inserted directly into the table for another user; however, the second user does not show any of the shortcuts. (Done through SQL Server Enterprise Manager). What am I missing? Does it have to do with the BLOB that is being stored? My goal: to setup a series of shortcuts for all users without having to visit each workstation to setup manually. Navision 4.0 w/ Update 1 SQL Server 2000 Just went live on Monday (09/26/2005) Many thanks, Sandra

I found my issue - I was copying the records from a Database user and trying to assign to a Windows user without changing the ID type. SR

Nice back-door solution; the SQL version is good for those :wink: Good luck with your installation.