Where are Applied Customer Entries?

I confess, I am stuck on this one. I am trying to report on all of the payments applied to all customer invoices within BC. In GP this was a piece of cake. But in BC, it seems like the data is supposed to be on the customer ledger entries table (21) when using page inspection, but I am not seeing any ‘application’ entries. Some have an Applies to Ext Doc No, some do not. I would expect to see multiple entries for applies when one payment applies to multiple invoices, and their respective amounts. The end goal is to ‘know’ when a payment has been ‘applied’ to an open invoice so we can send the payment information for each invoice to another system. Any thoughts on this are welcome! Thank you

You can see all the applied entries in the detailed customer ledger entries.
There is an option to go to that.
Or you can click on the open amount.
Then you see all the detailed lines.

Those detialled lines are in a seperate table.

Hi David!
Try using the Customer Ledger Entry (Web Service Page 25). For payments, the Document number should be the Invoice it is paying. I would test this first, but I believe that’s how it goes.


Thank you @Bert_Verbeek and @MsBelindaAllen!

I dug in a little deeper and wanted to send some screenshots from a use-case mocking up the scenario.

Invoice 1 = $17,000 - enter EFT PMT 3 for $18,000, and fully apply, making it go to zero.
Invoice 2 = $13,000 - apply the remaining $1,000 from EFT PMT 3 and post application.
I also entered a $2k payment and applied it to Invoice 2, bringing the remaining amount down to $10,000.

When I drill back to see Applied Customer Entries for the $18,000 EFT PMNT 3, I do not see the $1,000 applied to invoice 2. There is no ‘amount applied’ field showing the $1,000. There is only a “Closed By Amount” about but that does not matter. At all. Especially because it is not the $1k I am looking for.

Here are a couple of supporting screenshots- I hope they come thru OK.

Thanks again, and in advance, for any insights the DUG community has! I just find this (of a long list) of strange and hard to report on things in BC.