When we are using System tables

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till now,i Know how to created base table and recently i read one propery in Tables.ie systemtable propery.

by defaultly it set by no,now i seting as Yes.what is the effect?

The only valuable information I have found :

“Set this property to Yes if you want the table to be designated as a system table. For example, the information about the system table is used during data export and import when system tables can be filtered out. Don’t overuse this feature.”

So - this is a kind of a grouping for tables by their types. When you create a new definition group for data export/import, then it asks you to specify by default which table types to include in data import/export, for example, you may specify to export all SYSTEM tables.

My adivce woul be - mark your table as SytemTable only if your table is very closely related to existing Sytem table.

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thanks for reply,now my question is where we are using system tables in Ax 2009.

in our training doccuments also just Explained as All sysyem tables are named prefix as Sys.

In AX 2009 profects where will be useful of these system tables.

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As I said, the only thing Microsoft mentions and the only thing I have found so far to be useful - when you want to export data from AX, you will create a new data import/export group and there you will have an option of which tables to include in exporitng/importing (from which to export data).

System tables are not related to business functionality but related to administrative functionality in AX, such as User information (SysUserInfo). Normally you won’t create system tables.

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thanks For Info i understand the concept,but when we set a Table property as Systable–>Yes.what will happen?

Y because if i mentioned a table as systable also it will cumming as Normal Table.plz give me clarify

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As already said - These tables wont carry any data relevant to business functionality.

see this http://daxguy.blogspot.com/2006/12/dax-system-tables.html for more info.

I believe the functinonality you will get by setting the property to Yes is what Janus described,

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i got that functionlity as i find in the previous posts.

Normally you won’t create system tables.

This is the Final Answer.

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