When the last operation in the PO routing isn't the last... or it is and doesn't know

let’s see what do you think about the followings.

Scenario 1:
Production order X has a routing like this:
Operation 100
Operation 200

The user posts the output for operation 100 then decides operation 200 is no longer needed and takes it out. The inventory for the finished product will never be posted. [:^)]

Scenario 2:
Our production order has a routing like this:
Operation 100

The same smart user posts the output for operation 100, the inventory for the finished product is automatically entered.
Then our user decides that a further operation is needed, goes on the released order routing form and adds an operation 200, then posts the output for it… [8o|]

What would you think the best way to correct such a mess… besides breaking the user’s neck, I mean.

Hi Anna

Are you using V4.0 and the production journal?

With scenario 1 the production journal will still show the routing, and with the output journal you can manually create operation 100 again (even if you have flagged it as finished) you can then set the output quantity to 1 and post the output again and this time it will book in the inventory. Navision uses the simple rule that it looks for the last output line of the routing and if there is an output quantity set against it books this into stock, which gives you your big issue with scenario 2 [:D] As at the time of posting the operation is the last one it automatically updates stock for you, if you then add to the routing this line becomes the last one, so if you report output again it will book in the stock again! I can only suggest a developers solution for this! Once the last line is output against then form 99000817 becomes read only for that production order. No idea if it is possible or not. Perhaps one to report back to MBS [:D]

Not yet. Still in 3.70

Actually, to correct this kind of mistake it’s even too easy -thay have learned to do it by themselves, so that they don’t need to hear from me. [;)]

They just put the suppressed operation back and output it, without telling anyone! [^o)]

I wonder if it would be possible to check whether the inventory entry is already there before posting it… it might solve the question. Of course, to prevent the addition of more operations after the inventory has been posted would also be an option, but one which would raise a lot of complaints! [:)]

Thank you for your suggestions - I’ll muse over them.

Hi Anna

Please remember I am not a developer, so feel free to ignore any suggestion I make in this area! I will leave your wondering on possibilities to you [:D]

Hi Anna,

If you try for a customization to check the Item ledger entry before posting, what happens in a scenario where outputs are to be registered a number of times? i.e. a production order going from 1st work shift to 2nd workshift and each shift person is entering his output for the shift?

I suggest the best way is : adjust inventory as Steven suggested. And tell the users not to repeat it.



Indeed. I should manage to identify the right ILE or do nothing at all…

Eh, eh…[:)]