What to put in WIP in Cost Categories?

Can you guys help me what to put in the cost categories > Ledgers- Work Centers?

I don’t exactly know that to put in these fields…

And production group also have the same fields…

these are not mendatory fields…cost categories are used only in case, if you are calculating process cost or over head cost,

in production parameter by site/ company>> journal, clear check box of cost category for hours and quantity,

system will not ask u cost categories after wards

You can choose to post labour WIP by cost categories as well depending upon your setting.

Hi Hardik Patel,

I’d like to know what users usually put in these fields… I don’t understand how it works… I’d like to know its functionality…



HI AdamRoue,

Can you give me some examples what to put in these fields… Thanks! [:)]


let say your item is assembly item, then my cost caterogry for process time will be labir avg cost, which i want to see in my cogs,

remember cost category is directly effects your cogs…

let say my item is process item and processed in boiler, so my cost category for process will be electicity (fuel) cost + my maintanance charges per hour,

so i can get direct effect of this to my cogs and see am I in profit or loss

In the production parameters you define how you post WIP if you choose Item+Category you are telling the system to post labout WIP by cost category. Therefore the decision is initially one on how the business wants to see WIP posted. After this it is how you recognise WIP financially, so labout offset and labour recovery in production. What you need to do is process a route with costs through and see the accounts it hits, but the posting on the cost category maybe irrelevant.

Hi AdamRoue and Hardik Patel,

Thanks! I’ll study first your suggestions…