What should you do prior to using the SETRANGE or SETFILTER functions?

Hi, am new to MS Dynamics NAV.

my question i s What should you do prior to using the SETRANGE or SETFILTER functions?

THank you.

Can you be more clear on your question/requirement?

Thanks for ur replay.

I mean, for example, if we want to find an employees who joined on date1, we can use SETRANGE(Date,date1); and also we can use SETFILTER(Date,’%1’,date1); to get result.

Which function is better or more preferred function in this scenario?

SETRANGE only accepts values - a single value or a range of values(minimum, maximum) of the same type of the field on which the filter will be applied;
SETFILTER accepts a string containing a filter expression

If you can write the syntax with SETRANGE then use SETRANGE if not use SETFILTER…

Thanks, i understood, but my question, if we can achieve SETRANGE functionality in SETFILTER function, then y do we need, SETRANGE?

I will say SETRANGE is a shortcut of SETFILTER where you can set filters in a easy readable format…

Understood, thanks a lot.[:D]

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