what should we do, if we made a mistake in posting (invoice, order, journal,etc....)

hai all…

i have some questions for you all

hmmmm sometimes people made mistakes

like our staffs often did some mistakes in posting invoice, sales order, etc

so what we did were add “.” for our document no

for example, our document no is 2007/DO/1234

and then there was a mistake in that document, like quantity/ date / etc

after that we add “.” for document no became 2007/DO/1234.

i don’t have any better idea if some posting activity was mistaken

do you have a better advice for this?

thanks for the answer

There are some settings you can alter on the ledger entry itself, the due date for example, so it depends what is wrong.

I would recomment just using the next document number and referencing the new one with the old one, but in cases where they insist on a likeness the easiest is to add “-1” to the end.

for example we just made a mistake for the date

or the address customer we should ship to…

If it is the address then the documentation is incorrect, so unship it and reship it, or you need to credit it.

If it is the posting date it is wrong on the ledgers with all the implications this has, so again, unship or credit on the incorrect date and re-post on the correct date. If it is just the due date that is incorrect just edit this manually in the ledgers.

This is an oft quoted happening in any new system implementation. You have to take the following approach:

a) Is it critical and it depends on your decision - like the date posting (does it matter if Sales if reflected today or tomorrow, if all you are checking is monthly sales), or number of units and price (important and critical unless neglible value).


a) If it is non-critical, like a dot missing here and there and does not fundamentally affect the accounts, then you can a) mark out the changes in hard copy or b) in all posted items, there is a comment tab and you can fill there (Only if navvision, can mark out somewhere in the main place (like in XL there is a red flag) that a comment is posted it will be used) and probably put what is wrong in the invoice.

IN ORDER TO AVOID SOME OF THE MISTAKES ( I USED “SOME” BECAUSE WE CANNOT AVOID PEOPLE MAKING MISTAKES), STANDARDIZE THE PROCESS AND GIVE A CHECKLIST OF WHAT IS TO BE CHECKED BEFORE POSTING (For eg, Check date is todays, check if shipping date matches with the document, Check if quantity matches with P.O document and so on )

Hope the above is useful.

let’s say if I made an Invoice number INV0005 and then I sent it to the customer… if they(customers) made mistake, we could made Credit memo but if the mistake we did it… we cannot give the same invoice number because they didn’t want different invoice number → we shoul made invouice number INV0005

I don’t think its legal in many places to reissue the same invoice number with different data on it. Sent the client a new invoice with a credit memo for the wrong invoice, or you could find your self in big problems with auditors.

hi Stan,

we also do the same thing i.e to add “.” whenever we have to create a new invoice with the same number because of wrong generation & posting of previous invoice. But I would suggest to the user of “NAV 4” to follow it carefully.

What would we do, if the new document which we have created with “.” is also posted wrong??? Would we add two dots in the existing document number??? Never try to use two dots with exiting document number as it would post correctly but would not print the invoice or would print that invoice with other invoices. The system would show error message.

Hi! There is nothing wrong in owning up a mistake. If a genuine mistake is made send the customer the new invoice and a copy of old invoice telling them to replace it with this or reference the new invoice. 2nd is make a credit memo and in some description, refer a new invoice is being processed for this. In the new invoice, in the description refer the old invoice and credit memo, so that there is a link chain to all the transactions and you know the history behind it when someone asks about it 6 months later. I would not recommened a . or … etc as if we start playing with the general flow of the system, it will create "chaos " instead of an “order” (which was the 1st reason for implementing a system). Regards, Sabu