What licences is need!

I have a lot of users that only akses Nav for reading the report, but i see that the nuber of this users is growing my cost of licences. Exist any solution haw can i maximise this request. Exsist any type of licence with low cost only for the users that akses reports.

Thank you in advance

Hi Almar,

This is really a problem with Navision compared to other ERP systems. You only have one license type, not like other systems have full, normal and read-only licenses.

The only other option I can come to think about is that you have to create these reports and mail them to the users.


What database are you on - SQL reporting services may be an option for you.

Another option - Navision counts CONCURRENT users.

Nothing permits you to create more users, than license allows, they only would not be allowed to log in all concurrently. And “reporting” users usually do not need to “sit” logged in all the day through - they just fetch a report or two and then do some other work…

We created solution that allows send e-mail with report number and filter string and NAV sends back report in pdf. You can use saved filters also.

Under licensing terms that your customer signed (well, for NAV 2009 at least, last I saw) you should still be paying for those users. Whether you agree or disagree with those terms is another debate.

Can you point to the place in the license agreement where you see this??? I think you are wrong - 4.b Multiplexing does not apply here. We do not use any 3rd party software - just NAV code and you still need paid connection for application server or scheduler…

Otherwise you can get completely stupid: I made improvement in the system that allowed company fire 10 people – do they still need to pay for 10 additional licenses???

The only what they mean here – that you need license if you connect 3rd party product or hardware that access database directly. If you create NAV native modification that allows you use your workforce more efficiently you do not need to pay for this.

I am not a lawyer so would be nice to hear Microsoft Opinion about this…

Here’s the rather lengthy thread I participated in:


From the Licensing FAQ last time I read it:

If a user has a connection of any sort to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV business logic or data, either
directly in the application or the database or indirectly via a server (or any other setup), then he ha
access and must be licensed for use of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Examples of this can be scenario
enabling: inputting of data (e.g. from employees or customers), puling or automatic publishing of
reports, displaying product info or availability, EDI connections, web shops, etc. Licensing options are
DCO for internal users, DCO for external users that can be named and External Connector when there
are either many external users or the external users cannot be named.

I do not think this apply to NAV native functionality. Customer has paid for the scheduler that allows print reports… This does not mean that they have to pay for each person in the company who picks report from printer.

It’s very open ended :slight_smile: