What is use of "FieldFixed,RelatedFieldFixed" properties in realtions


Please tell me What is use of “FieldFixed,RelatedFieldFixed” properties in realtions.I am trying through these 2 options but i didn’t understand.Any budy tell me with 1 example

Field Fixed:

This can be used for a field which can have different lookups with Enum field fixed. Find out relations in the table RouteOpr which makes u understand about fieldfixed realtion. For example,consider the relation InventItemGroup, this says that if RouteOpr.ItemCode == 1 then RouteOpr.ItemRelation == InventItemGroup.ItemGroupId, (i.e) look up will be InventItemGroup table. similarly for Relation, InventTable,if RouteOpr.ItemCode == 0 then lookup for itemRelation is InventTable.

here itemcode is fixed and based on this value itemrelation lookup varies.

Field Fixed:
Select the field in the primary table is to use to restrict the records.
Ex: LedgerJournalTable.OffsetAccountType == 0
Here this case the values for field “Account Type” are restricted to enum value “Zero” (Enum value – Daily).

Related Field Fixed:
It works as a filter on the related table. It only
shows records that match a specified value for an enum field on the
related table.
EX: In the Table PriceDiscTable – relations
2 == PriceDiscGroup.Module
(here the Value two(2) is ModuleType- Vend).

Hi lakshmi,

I understood the field fixed, but where i have to use the enum values to get the lookup based on

fixed field condition ?

No one have idea about this??


create field fixed relation>go to properties>In “value” property give the enum value.In each element of enum you will have one value.use that value.before doing this in enum properties make “use enum value” property to yes.but am not sure.please check it.this may work.

This relation in table level is used to fill the default enum value - which you have specified in the relation.

If you want a lookup - create an EDT with Normal and related field fixed relation(use enum value in that) and use that EDT.

Eg: to get a look up of only BOM items.

Create a EDT - ItemBOM

normal relation → ItemBom == InventTable.ItemId

Related Field Fixed → 1 == InventTable.ItemType (1 for BOM items)

Now make use of this EDT.

Hi lakshmi,

I looked so many blogs and googled and got very little info regarding Field Fixed.

But here by example you mentioned that we’ll get different lookups based on enum or int value for which i understood very clearly and tried myself and got it !

Thank you.

Hi Naresh,

Good example for Related Field Fixed.

Thank you very much.