What is the whole process of creating a BOM, attaching it to a sales order, running the BOMS, exploding and then finished


I’m just wondering if someone can help me please. Would it be possible if someone can advice me how to create a BOM, attached it to a Sales Order and run it properly so it will deduct from the stock and end it. Microsoft Dynamics AX Version 4

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LadyG :slight_smile:

Go to the Item
Select the BOM button
Press the Create BOM button
Define a description and or Site for the BOM, Copy from an existing if you desire.
If you are not copying create the lines
Add raw material item numbers in the quantity and UOM to make one stocking UOM of the parent.
Set all other fields appropriately. If I was you I would define the warehouse.
Once complete press the approve button and approve it (tick it).
Activate the BOM

Verify your coverage group on the BOM item is set to requirements and BOM Versions. I am assuming here there is a specific BOM config you want to use because you want to “attach” it to a sales order.

Sales Order
Create New
Define Customer
Define Site matching Site of BOM.
Define Warehouse
Press OK
On the line enter the item
Enter the quantity and price
On the Other tab define the BOM

Press Inquiries and Explosion on the sales line.
Press Update
Press Planned Orders
Select all and run the process to firm the suggestions.

Go to Production
Find your production order (referenced from sales order)
Update - Start. Flushing and Journal processing as setup defined.
Update Report as Finished - books it into stock. Flushing and Journal processing as setup defined.
Update and End (Clears WIP)

Go to Sales Order
Posting Picking
Posting Picking List Registration
Posting Delivery Note
Posting Invoice.

If you have requirements to process purchase/transfers/sub-production you need to action these prior to the consumption of the item on the production order.

Just to be clear this is one of MANY ways.