What is the time zone on these posts?

Just wondering what time zone these posts show up with…EST, GMT, what? Certainly not an important question, but curious nonetheless.

I checked my local time here in Thailand compared with the time of my postings and it looks like I am five hours ahead. So the time zone is MESZ (Mid - European - Summer - Time) and this zone is now two hours ahead of UTC. MESZ will become MEZ in October where MEZ is one hour ahead of GMT then. Perhaps the webmaster can confirm this statement. Regards Walter

After I posted (5:30 EST in US) I saw that my post became 11:30 p.m. so it’s 6 hours ahead of me…where is that? In the Atlantic somewhere? Dunno… Thanks for replying.

I always thought it was CET (Central European Time), but Walter may be right. So Erik which is it. Paul Baxter

It’s CET with daylight savings time. Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster