what is the purpose of the buffer table ?


I see many buffer table in navision. Is it for calculating something in form?

what is the purpose of those tables?

I need a list form which will be based on item ledger entry and dimension value list table.

form will show as like

Code----------StartingQty----StartingAmount—ImportedQty—ImportedAmount----ProdcutSalesQty—ProductSalesAmount—First Price—Sales Price

PATRICE-BREAL-- 300- 400- 5000- 6000-------- 10000---------12000----------500-----600

here starting quantity = remaining quantity when open and positive value.

starting amount= cost amount actual for open and positive value.

First price=unitprice*quantity when entry type=sale

sales price= sales amount actual when entry type=sale

sales qty=quantity when entry type=sale
sales amount=cost amount actual when entry type=sale

Filtering field will be Material, Size,Color,Brand,Barcode,Itemcode,Season,Seasonyear,style,description,category,

product groupcode,product sub group code, Byern no.

I cannot use direct Itemledger entry table and dimension value table.

because i have many calculation field. Actually this is a dynamic report. I already made same thing for report. but i also want this for form that customer can dynamically change this .

How to solve this issue?

A buffer table is used in Navision to translate, remap or compress data from one record format to another. It is generally done where you want to go through many records and the translate/map/compress will be the same, so to improve performance rather than manipulating data on the actual server, the data is manipulated in the Buffer table instead. Have a look at CU 80 and 90 for some good examples.

How can a User Role buffer table be deleted from navision

Hi Sean, could you be a bit more specific about what you’re planning to do? Are you talking about system table 2000000004 User Role? Do you want to delete the table object itself, or the data in the table?

Typically, you would delete a table from the object designer. After confirming that the table is empty (in all companies in the database), you would select the table object line and press the F4 key. BUT, this isn’t something you would do, typically; in the normal course of using the database (as opposed to maintaining or modifying the database). This is why I’m asking why you’re asking.

You could blow a very large hole in your database and turn a nice day completely sour by deleting this table, so please don’t construe my description of how it might be done as being an endorsement for actually doing it!!! Maybe just tell us a bit more about what you’re up to first?