What is the perfect SQL Server for Attain?

Hello All, I have searched for the last week after the answer to my question: What is the optimal data for purchase of a SQL Server or SQL Servers with the following user data: 1. We are converting from Navision Financials W vers. 2.50 to Navision Attain. 2. We will change to SQL Server. 3. About 60 users in 5 countries. 4. Collect the Databases in DK on one Server. 5. All users have to access via Terminal Server. Is there anybody here in this Forum, who have any similar experience with such a conversion? Looking forward to your responce. Best regards, Per Holst

I would buy as much as possible, but my environment is pretty similar (minus the widespread Terminal Server requiremnt). SQL Standard, on a 3 processor machine, 2 GB of RAM (more if you can, especially for max performance, which may require SQL Enterprise) Hard drive space is variable, but you need at least three high performance SCSI drives preferably 6 for drive mirroring (don’t use RAID 5). One partition for the SQL program files and Windows, another for the database, and another for the log file. I would suggest 10 drives (5 drives of capacity, other 5 for the mirror), with six of the drives just for the database. With mirroring and striping you get both fault tolerance and improved speed. Either way it is expensive, but much more scalable and secure. Make sure that you are ready to go to SQL in term of technical experience inhouse. SQL is a beast.

I think that selecting the server is the simplest task. I’d recommend going for a 4-way box with 2+ GB of memory, depending on your DB size. DB on a RAID 1+0 (probably 3 * 2 disks), Log on a RAID 1 (at least 1 * 2 disks), TempDB and system on another RAID 1. You’d probably need about 3 Terminal servers (20 users / server). Use gigabit connection between SQL and Terminal servers. Please make sure that you have a test / backup server as well. The tricky part is upgrading the application (or applications - if you are planning on running 5 separate databases?) to both Attain and SQL. Plan on doing some performance tests/investigations on SQL in order to optimize your key and SIFT usage. Refer to the Performance Troubleshooting Guide on the Navision Attain 3.10.A Tools CD for more details about how to do this. Enjoy! - Jens

Dear Sirs, Thanks for your valuable input and replies. Best Regards, Per Holst