What is the difference between Query Class AND While Select/Select??

with examples…

mostly i used select/while select in reports

whats the advantages of query class over while select /select?

Just few points, it’s surely not exhaustive:

  • Query instances can be created from AOT queries.
  • Query instances can be changed at runtime.
  • Query instances can be passed to other objects.
  • Query instances can be packed and saved for later use.
  • Some features are supported by Query class but not by select statement, e.g. union queries.
  • Select statements are much easier to read.
  • Query framework gets worse compiler control than select statements.

Hi… Let me know the exact difference between AOT queries(Static) and framework class(Dynamic) queries. Means in reusing and in other features?

thanks in advance…:slight_smile:

It’s the same difference as whether you define form controls in AOT or add them in code. Design-time vs. run-time.