What is the best tool to create automation test cases for Navision 2009 R2 (RTC)


I recently started manually testing Navision 2009 R2 (RTC), but wondered if there is a user friendly testing tool to create automated test cases for functionality? What would be the benefits of waiting to upgrade to 2013 before automating, if any?

Thanks for all the help!


Automated test tools for NAV are only few.

  1. Testability features built into the NAV platform - more info:
    1. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Developer and IT Pro Documentation on Testing the Application
    2. Two post form the NAV Core team:
      1. Test Automation Series 1 - Test Data
      2. Test Automation Series 2 - Creation Functions
    3. My series on test-driven development in NAV contains various references on this topic
  2. Visual Studio Test Manager - some info:
    1. MS Test Manager 2010 & NAV

Hope this is of some help to you.

Is there a big difference between the versions SP1 and R2(RTC) that could effect the resources you sent? Thanks for all your help!

Platformwise: No

Test toolkit (called Application Test Toolset = ATT and to be downloaded from partner source): No

However, going to NAV 2013 things have improved.

Platform: we now have Test Page (variables)

ATT: see this mibuso post: we now get localized test scripts with the toolset and at first glance also more test scripts than before.

Great, that is very helpful. Thank you!

You’re welcome. May I ask what you’re experiences is with automated testing (in general)?

Previously I was automating web based sites using QTP. I have not had any experience creating automated test cases for desktop applications, and find that especially with Navision, it is very limited. Trying to decide on a tool - that is user friendly and not a high cost. Is there any luck using Selenium with Navision? I haven’t heard much about the open source tools for Navision.